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Understanding The Sewer Repair Process

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Initially, sewer line repair required digging up yards, landscaping, and sidewalks to carry out the repair. This method is not only costly but time-consuming as well. Fortunately, New England Pipe Restoration specializes in trenchless pipe repair in Boston, MA, which eliminates the need for deep trenches and lengthy repairs.

We perform trenchless sewer repair that is minimally invasive, effective, and quick. Although this method may still require some digging to get your pipes flowing freely again, the damage to your yard, landscaping, and other structures is greatly minimized.

Start With an Inspection

Determining where the issue is within your sewer line is the first step our skilled and professional team takes. To determine if you need trenchless pipe replacement, we need to know the exact location of the problem and the damage your sewer line has suffered. To do this, we snake a high-resolution video camera into your sewer system, which is specially designed to perform this work.

Clean the Pipes

The camera allows our technicians to see the severity of damage inside the pipes and determine if a small pipe section needs trenchless pipe lining or if the entire line requires replacement. After the inspection, our technicians access your sewer line via its shallowest end. This can be in your basement or an area outside your home. We perform hydro jetting to clear the line of debris.

Finish the Repair

Once we complete the cleaning, we insert an inflatable tube into the pipe. We coat this tube with an epoxy resin that’s pulled into place inside the existing pipe once it gets inflated. This allows the resin to assume the shape of the pipe. We use the camera to ensure we place the resin accurately. After around 24 hours, the epoxy cures and hardens inside the pipe, leaving you with a brand new pipe, free of leaks, inside the old one. When complete, we then inspect the sewer line with a video camera to ensure that we have installed everything correctly.

Trenchless sewer replacement and repair can be the best option if you’re experiencing problems with your sewer line. Contact us today for an appointment.

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