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Trenchless Technology Replaces an Entire City’s Water Main

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Engineers in Jersey City, NJ are turning to trenchless technology for their water main line rehabilitation. Jersey City is the second largest city in the state, and its population is rapidly growing. The aging water mains can’t handle the increase in usage and the entire underground infrastructure is due for a much needed overhaul.

Over 4,000 feet of pipe repair is needed on a busy intersection of Jersey City. Earlier in the year, the streets were trenched to attend to the gas and electrical line repairs, but residents and business owners felt the negative impact from the disturbances caused by all of the construction. Trenchless technology was the perfect solution for the necessary pipe repairs to eliminate the need to dig up the busy area.

Staff at the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority decided that trenchless pipes were the only option for the water main renewal. They did not want to further inconvenience the residence by digging up more of their community streets. Although trenchless sewer options can cost a bit more than conventional digging, the city is saving money in additional restorative work thanks to the no-dig approach of trenchless pipes.

The city has already completed phase one of the rehabilitation process. The first phase included cleaning out the old pipes in preparation for a CIPP liner. With the aid of highly pressurized water and robotic equipment, the pipes were fitted for their new structural liners. The entire process was done quickly and efficiently, and many are suggesting this process for other aging water mains across the country.

If your sewer system is aging, it may need replacing. Systems over 40 years old need to be replaced to keep your system running smoothly without any breaks. Trenchless sewers and trenchless methods have been available for residential properties for about 10 to 15 now, but many consumers are don’t know about about this great technology. If your home is a candidate for sewer line repair, consider using trenchless pipes to avoid having to dig up your yard. Follow the folks in Jersey City’s lead and call about trenchless pipe replacement today!

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