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How Trenchless Sewer Repair Technology Work in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is one of the most developed states in the USA and hosts a bigger population than most states. The pressure from the residents of this great state exposes the sewer to damages. But with the introduction of the new trenchless sewer repair technology, fixing those sewer problems has become easy. Here is a look at how this method of sewer repair works in Massachusetts.

Normally, companies in Massachusetts will use the hammerhead PortaBurts (No Dig) system which is a new technology. This process involves digging two holes at strategic places for entry points. One point is where the sewer exits the home or a business place while the other is dug either at the property or in the street where the sewer connects to the mainline.

A steel cable will then be threaded through the broken sewer line and a hardened steel bursting head attached to one of the steel cables. The plumber will then attach the new polyethylene pipe to the rear of the bursting head. The PortaBurst hydraulic system I normally set at the other end. It helps in pulling the cable.

The cable pulled will have the head and pipe attached down into the hole at the side of the house. The new pipe will be pulled by the same cable through the old one. At the same time, the old pipe will be busted out of the way and the pieces pushed out into the soil surrounding the sewer system. The new pipe will be pulled all the way to the exit hole on the other side where the connections are made. Before the hole is filled in, the pie and the connection will have to be inspected.

This is the most preferred process in the entire state since the process of bursting/pulling the old pipe will only take an hour or less. However, the connection might take a bit longer. But as compared to the old method of repairing the sewer, the trenchless sewer repair technology is faster and more efficient. For instance, the entire project from digging the entry and exit points to completing the final connections will take one or two days.

You may be wondering the type of replacement pipe companies in Massachusetts use in trenchless. Well most trenchless systems use High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPP) as the replacement pipe. As compared to the traditional pipes such as the clay, cast iron or pvc plastic piping, HDPP is way much better. It resists corrosion and normally fused or melted together at points where the joint is stronger. This means that there will be no leaks after the work is done. It is also flexible so home owners shouldn’t be worried about cracks the next day after work. This is the pipe of choice in the larger Massachusetts.

With that said, it is clear that trenchless sewer repair technology in Massachusetts is on the next level. All you have to do is choose a reputable seo company in order to enjoy the benefits of the trenchless method.

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