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How Trenchless Pipe Lining Works, and Why It’s the Best Choice for Boston-Area Business Owners

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What Is Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining?

As with all New England (NE) Pipe Restoration services, our sewer pipe lining service is trenchless in nature, requiring only a small hole to access your pipe and perform everything from basic maintenance to serious repairs. Traditional methods required digging a sizeable trench in your backyard or basement, potentially breaking up your concrete floor along the way, to reach and remove whole sections of pipe at a time. A trenchless procedure translates to less mess, a vastly reduced job time, less hassle for your family or business, and not having to budget for landscaping or other clean-up services following your plumbing maintenance.

Prior to any repair service, our NE Pipe Restoration professional will execute a sewer camera inspection, sending a small high-definition camera into the pipe and receiving crystal-clear imagery of your pipe problem. This pinpoints the exact location of the issue, measures the extent of the damage, and gives both you and the plumbing system expert a visual on what kind of service is best for you.

If your pipes are cracked, rusted, eroded, have leaky fittings, or are experiencing other issues, a sewer pipe lining may be right for you. The pipe will first be prepared for the liner by cleaning it with our hydro jetting service. Unlike simply “rooting” the drain and removing a clog, hydro jetting strips away built-up kitchen grease, breaks down tree roots, and fully cleans the pipe using a jet of hot, high-pressured water. The liner is then affixed to the end of the pipe and forced along its length under pressure. Following a brief curing period, the liner is now ready to use. With a lifespan of up to fifty years, and given its high flexibility (it can be inserted into straight, curved, or even 90-degree angle pipes), sewer pipe lining is an excellent option to solve your pipeline issues!

Sewer Pipe Lining in Boston

The fast turn-around time for a trenchless pipe lining service is a major part of its appeal to business owners. Keep in mind, your water will be off during any pipeline service, possibly meaning that your business will have to close while repairs are conducted. Additionally, any construction or building maintenance project is at best an eyesore for your customers, and at worst a potential safety and insurance liability. Making your sewer system repair as brief as possible mitigates these effects, and leaves you, your staff, and your customers happy.

With seven locations across Massachusetts, including Boston, and with over fifteen years of experience, NE Pipe Restoration has the professionalism and staff to assist you at any time. Whether for a major emergency, routine maintenance, or simply a phone call, we’re ready to serve your needs today!

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