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Top Causes of Clogged Drains

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A clog is formed when something gets lodged in the drainpipe. While this isn’t necessarily an emergency, it’s still important to deal with clogged drains as soon as they occur to avoid further problems. New England Pipe Restoration offers drain cleaning in Boston, MA, and we take pride in offering fast, efficient and reliable drain cleaning. Here are the top causes of clogged drains.

1. Garbage and Debris

Food scraps, paper, and other materials that go down the sink drain can cause clogs. If we don't dispose of these items in a timely manner, they can break down and cause mud and debris to get stuck in your pipes. This can lead to blockages and other costly issues at home.

2. Hair

Hair build up is one of the leading causes of clogged bathroom drains. This is another reason why we should always have your drains checked regularly by a professional plumber who offers efficient drain cleaning services. We also recommend investing in a drain catcher to prevent hair from getting into your pipes in the first place.

3. Grease

Sinks are typically built to handle small amounts of grease that may appear in our drains from time to time. However, if we regularly pour grease down the drain, it will build up within the pipe over time and cause a clogged drain. Scheduling regular drain cleaning services can prevent clogs caused by grease and oil.

4. Mineral Buildup

If you have hard water at home, this can lead to mineral deposits on your pipes. Mineral deposits can make it difficult to get water out of the drain and cause a blockage. In addition, they may lead to a buildup of rust in your pipes, which could also cause other issues. A drain cleaning company can treat the problem and offer the best solution to eliminate the blockage.

Are you looking for a reliable drain cleaning company in the Boston area? Whether you have an emergency or in need of drain snaking as part of maintenance, New England Pipe Restoration is here to help. We offer drain cleaning and snaking services by skilled technicians who take pride in their work. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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