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The Issues With Liquid Drain Cleaners

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It's tempting to drive to the big box store and buy a bottle of drain cleaner whenever there’s a slow-clearing drain in the house. However, doing so can lead to a lot of problems. At New England Pipe Restoration, we offer drain cleaning in Arlington, MA that’s much safer, more effective, and affordable. Below, we list the leading reasons why liquid drain cleaners aren’t a good idea.


If you try to use a caustic chemical drain cleaner, you're putting yourself at risk of injuries. The chemicals in these drain cleaners can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat. They can also burn your skin and mucous membranes. Moreover, mixing more than one type of liquid drain cleaner could create a chemical reaction that impairs your breathing and causes other serious health effects. Our drain cleaning services help you avoid accidentally injuring yourself when dealing with an obstructed drain.

Plumbing Damage

Chemical drain cleaners can eat through PVC and metal pipes. These strong chemicals can interact with the mineral buildup in the pipes, leading to an unwanted chemical reaction. They can also cause corrosion anywhere in the drain or drain pipe, which could result in a leak. Our drain snaking is a safer plumbing solution.

Fixture Damage

Commercial liquid drain cleaners could damage your home's plumbing fixtures. If you've already tried one drain cleaner then move on to another, the resulting chemical reaction could lead to unintended consequences on the clogged drain and pipes. Your plumbing fixture's seals could crack or become eroded from the chemical reactions. If you also try plunging the drain, this could cause the fixture or pipe to break.

New England Pipe Restoration is a trusted local drain cleaning company. You can count on us to arrive on time and efficiently clear your drain. Call us today to ask any questions or schedule any of our services.

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