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The Best Times To Get A Sewer Camera Inspection

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New England Pipe Restoration is one of the best companies offering sewer camera inspection services in Boston, MA. This service allows us to examine the condition of our clients’ underground pipes, catching any issues early. While many clients only call professionals when there is an issue, it is essential to schedule these inspections often. We recommend doing so:

Every year

Sewer lines experience issues like root intrusion, debris and grease accumulation, and collapse over time. Sometimes, these issues are hard to detect because they don't cause problems with the water movement. However, if left unattended, they could result in more significant problems requiring more extensive repairs or replacements. Regular maintenance, including sewer inspection, every year can help us catch these issues early.

When buying or selling a house

When selling a house, providing documentation for a plumbing inspection helps increase the value of a home. When moving into a house, homeowners must ensure the sewer system is in good condition. This way, they will not have to worry about repairing or replacing them soon. It is especially necessary when buying an old home or one surrounded by trees.

When there is an issue

Some common issues our clients complain about include backups, slow drainage, foul smells from the drains, and foundation leaks. These may result from clogged, cracked, corroded, or poorly installed sewer lines. A video pipe inspection can help us identify the extent of the issue and its exact location. That helps us develop the best solution and ensures we don't dig up and damage a big portion of our clients' yards.

At New England Pipe Restoration, we are dedicated to offering quality drain inspection and repairs. Whether you are looking to inspect your sewer system as part of regular maintenance or you suspect that there is a problem, look no further than New England Pipe Restoration. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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