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Signs You Need to Schedule Sewer Camera Inspection Services

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A sewer camera inspection is the most efficient way to identify the state of your sewer line. At New England Pipe Restoration, we insert a waterproof camera to thoroughly inspect the inside of your sewer pipes to determine the best course of action to restore optimal flow. The signs listed below indicate that you need to schedule sewer camera inspection services in Boston, MA.

Slow Drains

If you have several slow-flowing drains, you probably have a clog in the main sewer line. A drain inspection can pinpoint the exact location of the obstruction, and our plumbers can then perform the required repairs.

Unpleasant Drain Odors

A persistent unpleasant sewer odor lingering outside your home, emanating from your drains, or wafting elsewhere in your home indicates there’s something wrong with your sewer line. With a sewer inspection, our plumbers will identify any cracks that could be allowing sewage to seep into your home and make the necessary repairs.

Lush Green Grass Spots in Your Yard

In most cases, when a sewer pipe bursts, the water seeps into your lawn, leaving lush green spots. This commonly occurs when tree roots encroach on your sewer line searching for water and nutrients. A plumbing inspection can identify tree root invasion and other issues before more water pools around your property.

Mold and Water Damage

A damaged sewer line may cause water damage around your home, resulting in mold growth. Besides other issues that come with sewer line damage, mold spores pose health risks, so ensure you watch out for that musty, moldy smell around your home, and contact us right away for a pipe inspection if you notice mold or water damage.

If you find one or all of these signs, contact New England Pipe Restoration for sewer camera inspection services right away . We’ll help you find the cause of the sewer line problem and offer you a reliable solution.

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