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Signs You Need CIPP Pipe Lining

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CIPP, or cured-in-place pipe, is an increasingly popular type of trenchless pipe lining in Framingham, MA, and it's one of our specializations at New England Pipe Restoration. Here are some of the signs that suggest you may benefit from this approach to sewer line repair.

Slow or Clogged Drains Are a Regular Thing

One of the more obvious signs you need CIPP pipe lining in Framingham, MA is having frequent issues with slow or clogged drains, especially if multiple drains are affected. An initial inspection will determine if this is the case and if pipe lining is an appropriate solution.

Lush or Soggy Spots On Your Lawn

Even a small crack can cause sewage to leak and create soggy spots on your lawn. The added influx of sewage may also cause unusually thick or lush areas to develop above areas where your sewer lines are located. What's also good about trenchless pipe lining in Framingham, MA is that the problem can be fixed without the need to dig extensively.

Odd Drain Sounds or Odors

CIPP sewer pipe lining in Framingham, MA may also be what you need if you are hearing gurgling sounds coming from your drains. Corroded or clogged sewer lines can also be responsible for foul drain odors.

Older Pipes Are Damaged In One Area

The process can be used for cast iron pipe lining in Framingham, MA on older pipes if the damage is limited to one area. If an initial inspection shows an older pipe is still intact as well, CIPP lining may be what you need.

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