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Signs You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection

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The best way to know the condition of your sewer pipes is through a sewer camera inspection. Sewer inspection services in Framingham, MA involve inserting small waterproof cameras into plumbing sewer lines to review any blockages or issues with the septic system. Sewer camera inspections are particularly useful to homeowners as they allow you to see the problems inside your sewer system. 

Working with a professional professional plumber like New England Pipe Restoration will ensure that all your drainage issues are handled adequately and expertly. Here are two signs that you need a drain inspection in Framingham, MA

Water Damage

When you notice water damage on your ceilings or floors, you need to contact sewer camera inspection services in Framingham, MA as soon as possible. Leaking sewage pipes lead to damaged ceilings and floors that can create a hazardous environment for you and your family. 

In addition to damaged floors and ceilings, you can notice water damage from leaking pipes through developed molds and fungi around the house. Molds are a severe bacterial agent that can cause illnesses if not monitored. Conducting a plumbing inspection in Framingham, MA will help you get to the bottom of the leakages in your home.

Poor Drainage

Another sign that you need a pipe inspection in Framingham, MA is inconsistent drainage and drawbacks when you flush the toilet or drain your sink. Slow drainage may be caused by blockages or sedimentation in the sewage pipes. This is unhygienic and needs proper repairs as soon as possible to avoid further problems. Another sign of poor drainage is a foul odor coming from the toilet or sink.

Keep your home’s drains clean and clog-free with a timely sewer inspection in Framingham, MA. The professional team at New England Pipe Restoration will help you know the root cause of all your plumbing issues and provide you with the proper solutions. Contact us today.

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