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Sewer Lateral Lining Repair: The Easier and Cost-Effective Way of Sewage Repair

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Over the years, a house’s pipes are prone to rust, clogs, nicks, dents, and other kinds of damage that can lead to serious problems if they’re not fixed. For a house’s sewage system especially, pipe damage is an unpleasant yet important issue many house owners have to face. Piping experts suggest that pipes more than 40 years old be inspected if not replaced entirely. If not fixed or replaced, faulty sewage pipes can lead to a variety of problems with both your sewage and water systems. Needless to say, no one wants that.

Still, some home owners are hesitant to have the pipes replaced even if it’s necessary. Why? Because conventional pipe repair methods required digging up large chunks of one’s front or backyard (sometimes both) in order to get to the pipes. Until recently, pipe lining companies had no choice but to practically destroy the yards of their clients, which in turn required more repair work to be done.

However, over the past 10-15 years, a new method has become increasingly popular with homeowners and pipe repair businesses alike (though it doesn’t always get the notoriety it deserves). Trenchless pipe lining uses existing pipes to guide new and improved pipes into the sewage system. As the name suggests, they do not require trenches in order to reach the pipes. Sewer lateral lining repair uses special sewage pipes that are flexible and able to fit inside existing pipes. Once the new pipes have been pulled through, they are inflated and effectively replace the old pipes sans fuss.

Sewer pipe lining is still tough work but using the sewer lateral lining repair method saves home owners and pipe repair businesses alike considerable time, money, and resources. Although the method may cost 30-50% more than traditional methods, the money home owners stand to save on lawn repair work often makes up for it.

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