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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Portland, ME

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New England Pipe Restoration proudly offers premier trenchless sewer repair technology for our friends and neighbors in Portland, ME. We have the newest options in low-hassle, non-destructive sewer repair techniques for an effective and affordable solution for every customer.

Why Trenchless Sewer Repair Is Better Than Traditional Dig-And-Replace Methods

Trenchless sewer repair methods use state-of-the-art technology to allow correction of major sewer problems without extensive digging or large-scale excavation. Rather than digging a full-length trench to reach the damaged pipe, trenchless systems take advantage of existing openings, such as portals called “cleanouts” designed into the system, to introduce carefully engineered tools and repair materials. Even repairs over one hundred feet long can be fully completed through these small access areas. Because these new technologies eliminate much of the labor involved in sewer repair, they offer multiple benefits over traditional techniques. The most significant benefit is cost savings: trenchless sewer repair projects typically cost 40% to 50% less overall than other methods. They are usually completed more quickly, often in as little as one day. They also have a smaller repair footprint, causing less disruption and requiring less work area. For many of our customers, trenchless repairs are a good option.

How The Trenchless Sewer Repair Method Works In Portland, ME

To begin the trenchless sewer repair process, New England Pipe Restoration will thoroughly inspect your sewer system with our sewer camera inspection equipment to review the condition of the pipes and note areas of damage that require repair. We’ll also identify the best access points for the restoration process. Next, we’ll clean the pipe with high-pressure water using our hydro jetting technology, which removes both waste and mineral buildup along with the flakes of rust and corrosion. All this debris will prevent the sewer repair materials from fully adhering to the interior of the pipe, so properly preparing the surface is an essential part of the procedure.

With the pipe’s surface cleaned and the problems cataloged, we will prepare a soft, flexible sleeve and coat it with a thick layer of epoxy. This resin is specially formulated to create a strong, long-lasting pipe while still curing quickly to reduce the length of time required to complete the repair. The sleeve will be inserted through the identified access point and positioned to cover all damaged areas, then it is expanded to press the epoxy against the interior of the pipe and hold it in place while it cures.

Over the next several hours, the epoxy forms a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) that restores the pipe to better-than-new condition. The sleeve is removed to reveal an ultra-smooth surface that promotes better waste flow, resists aging damage, and withstands environmental stressors such as extreme cold and flooding. A typical New England Pipe Restoration CIPP repair will last 50 years or more.

Call New England Pipe Restoration To Fix Your Drain Lines With Trenchless Technology Today

For reliable results that cost less and last longer, call New England Pipe Restoration and request our trenchless sewer repair technology. We’ll evaluate your situation to determine whether CIPP lining is the right solution for your needs, then schedule your repair quickly to get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Read our many positive reviews to learn why Portland, ME customers have been choosing us for over 15 years. Call us today!

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