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Drain Cleaning Portland, ME

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When you're struggling with a slow-draining or backed up sewer pipe, you can always turn to New England Pipe Restoration for affordable drain cleaning service. Our modern technology clears away clogs and pipeline waste buildup quickly with the minimal mess for an easy, hassle-free solution and immediate results.

How Drain Cleaning Services Work In Portland, ME

New England Pipe Restoration's advanced drain cleaning service provides the thorough removal of troublesome buildup from the interior of pipes to restore effective sewer function and renew sewer pipes. Over time, all drain pipes develop an accumulation of waste material and mineral buildup that continually reduces the diameter of the pipe, slowing the flow of water and waste. This narrowing of the pipe contributes to frequent blockages as smaller and smaller amounts of paper or food debris get caught. Eventually, sewer flow will stop completely and create a sewer backup that requires costly emergency service. Our drain cleaning technology maintains pipe diameters at original specifications that ensure adequate sewer flow.

Sewer drain buildup also contains biological and chemical compounds that corrode the pipe walls, eating them away until they form holes, crack, or even crumble in sections. The longer the buildup stays in place, the more heavily damaged the pipes become until the replacement of the pipe becomes your only option. Our routine drain cleaning service removes all these corrosive materials, which extends the life of your drain pipe and saves you thousands in sewer repairs costs over time.

Why Hydro Jetting Is A Reliable & Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaning Service In Portland, ME

The drain cleaning method of choice for New England Pipe Restoration is state-of-the-art hydro jetting technology. This modern system uses a carefully calibrated, highly-engineered nozzle that emits water at over 4000 pounds per square inch, or PSI. The tool sprays in every direction simultaneously to both pulverize difficult clogs and break apart layers of buildup in a single pass, making it a fast and effective solution. Our skilled technicians are experts at employing this powerful system safely to fully clean your drains while protecting them from damage.

For Portland homeowners, a fast and affordable drain cleaning is an important part of your annual home maintenance schedule. We can prevent troublesome, recurrent drain clogs that require multiple calls for assistance and disrupt your daily activities. Hydro jetting also remove tree roots, a common issue that leads to both obstructions and significant sewer damage. Many homeowners combine drain cleaning with a preventive sewer camera inspection to both restore pipe capacity and check for early warning signs of a sewer problem when a simpler repair method can still be used for corrections.

Businesses such as Portland's busy tourism and hospitality industry also especially benefit from an annually scheduled drain cleaning. Slow-draining or stopped up sanitation facilities create a negative impression with guests that can lead them to shop, dine, and stay elsewhere. Poorly performing drains can also lead to health code violations and related fines that far exceed the minimal cost of drain cleaning services. New England Pipe Restoration can fully clean waste, grease, and food debris from any drain in just an hour or two, for immediate results and happy customers.

Call New England Pipe Restoration To Learn More About Our Affordable Drain Cleaning Services

For fast, effective, affordable drain cleaning service, you can count on New England Pipe Restoration. Our innovative hydro jetting service clears away clogs and buildup to return sewer lines to peak efficiency. We're here to help whenever you need us. Call today!

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