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Commercial & Municipal Sewer Repair
Portland, ME

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New England Pipe Restoration offers a full range of options for commercial and municipal sewer repair projects in Portland, ME. As a Boston-based provider, we understand the day-to-day circumstances that businesses and public leaders in New England face, and we're equipped to help with not only emergency needs but with updates and restorations, as well. We offer both trenchless and traditional sewer repairs for commercial and municipal applications.

How Our Sewer Repair Services can Help Commercial & Municipal Facilities in Portland, ME

Because New England Pipe Restoration can complete both trenchless restoration and traditional replacement methods, we are able to offer uniquely hybrid solutions for commercial and municipal applications. We can apply trenchless solutions where possible and complete dig-and-replace corrections when needed, which takes advantage of cost savings where available while ensuring effective results everywhere. There is no need to choose whether trenchless or trenched repair methods would be best for your jurisdiction: New England Pipe Restoration can do both in one project for a truly turnkey solution. Trenchless sewer repair methods offer a variety of benefits for every New England Pipe Restoration customer, but commercial and municipalities enjoy these advantages to an even higher degree. The average project cost savings of 40% amounts to hundreds of thousands, or often millions, of dollars saved by opting for pipe restoration over removal and replacement wherever possible. Many large-diameter sewer mains that would have been replaced due to damage or deterioration can be easily restored with pipe lining that lasts for decades.

The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repairs in Maine

When dealing with repairs to mains that lie below vehicle or pedestrian traffic areas, trenchless repair methods mitigate the problems related to rerouting the flow of traffic because needed repairs can be completed below the surface. Rather than closing roads or parking lots to allow excavation and removal, we can restore the pipe to full efficiency while daily business continues relatively normally. This low-hassle technique keeps your workforce at full productivity, eliminates negative effects on customers or constituents, and ensures rapid completion of projects for minimum impact. While the cost savings and project efficiency are important advantages to New England Pipe Restoration's sewer repair programs, the most powerful benefit is the control that it gives commercial and municipal leaders over your sewer maintenance scheduling and budget. When sewer mains begin to develop problems, pipe lining technology can quickly and affordably reinforce weakened or leaking mains to eliminate the need for immediate replacement and extend the useful life for up to fifty years. You can then plan for even large-scale updates and improvements in a timeframe that doesn't strain your financial resources. In areas such as Old Port where the infrastructure is aging, pipe lining will not only allow for more effective planning of updates but also protect irreplaceable historic structures from damage.

Call New England Pipe Restoration to Fix Your Commercial & Municipal Sewer Pipes Today

New England Pipe Restoration's full line of both trenchless and traditional sewer repair systems uniquely positions us to solve the needs of commercial businesses and municipalities in Portland, ME. We provide complete solutions for even difficult sewer repair projects, and our low-impact, cost-effective methods provide substantial benefits for every customer. Call us today to schedule a time to talk about your needs and begin planning the solution for you.

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