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Large Diameter Main Line Repair Fenway, MA

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Fenway, Massachusetts Large Diameter Main Line Repair

Universities and educational buildings require fully operational sewer systems in order to foster higher education and promote community. For the times when these main lines start malfunctioning, don’t hesitate to call New England Pipe Restoration to learn more about our services. Our professional and prepared experts will promptly lend you a hand to assess and solve your main sewer line situation before it gets out of control.

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Signs Of Problems In The Main Line

Most of the time mainline repair is needed when there are corrosion, clogs, or tree root problems. Corrosion happens over time. Wear and tear erode the metals of the main sewer line, and eventually leads to cracks that leak into the soil around it or a burst line. Both are serious problems and can be easily dealt with inspections every couple of years to keep them up to date. Relining the inside of a pipe is a quick, effortless, and easy project for our experts at New England Pipe Restoration. With our work, we can help you invest decades worth of security into your main lines without fear of major problems down the road. Early signs of corrosion in your pipes can be:

Discolored Water:

Corroded copper pipes will leave blue-green stains, while galvanized iron and steel pipes will dye water the familiar reddish-brown of rust.

Strange Tastes in the Tap Water:

Corroded copper pipes create a metallic taste, while high levels of lead produce a sweet taste. Cold first-draw water that is bitter but goes away later in the day also indicates pipe corrosion.

Frequent Clogs:

Pipes that are easily clogged can also mean corrosion. Oxidation and mineral deposits can build up on the inside of pipes, narrowing them.

Our repair solutions are designed to be especially effective for fixing larger pipeline diameter sizes, in which the problems can be more severe and extensive. With our trenchless pipe lining methods, we will be able to resolve the problem effectively. First, the pipe is thoroughly cleaned of debris and possible clogs that are blocking the flow of water.

After the pipe is completely clear of waste, the inflatable liner coated with epoxy resin is injected into the pipe. The liner is expanded and allows the epoxy resin to fully cover cracks, leaks, and corrosion. After the epoxy resin has been evenly applied, the liner is deflated and removed from within the pipe. For the next several hours, the epoxy resin is given time to cure and adhere to the inside of the pipe, effectively becoming the new pipe after the allotted time has passed. This fast curing time is vital for educational centers, where it’s important to keep the campus open for accessibility and avoid having classes be canceled for several days or even weeks.

Reach Out To New England Pipe Restoration To Learn More

Let us help you solve the most alarming problems today by contacting us at New England Pipe Restoration. Waiting too long could mean the difference between just relining a few pipes, or cleaning out waste on university property. If you have any worries, leave it to our professional team to get the job done. Contact us and set up an appointment today!

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