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Sewer Camera Inspection
in Burlington, VT

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At New England Pipe Restoration, we are proud to serve the customers of Burlington, VT. Our town was originally organized in 1785 and was incorporated in 1865, and we have a long, rich history to be proud of. It's been rated as one of the prettiest towns in America by Forbes magazine, and of course, we're the home to legendary ice cream makers Ben & Jerry's. It's the perfect place to settle down and buy a house or start a business. And if you have any plumbing issues when you get settled in, you can call us at New England Pipe Restoration to take care of all your sewer and pipe repair needs.

New England Pipe sewer camera inspection

Brittle Pipes

The average daily temperature in Burlington, VT in January is only 18.7 degrees. When the water in pipes drops below about 40 degrees, pipes become extremely brittle. With the fluctuation between our frigid winters and our temperate summers, brittle pipes become even more of an issue.

Furthermore, some service piping in our town still consists of galvanized service lines, a material that has long been out of favor in plumbing due to how quickly it corrodes. The South Burlington Water Department replaces these whenever they are found, but the location of the remaining pipes is unknown.

Sewer Camera Inspection

If you are experiencing problems with your sewer such as strange odors or sounds coming through your drains, clogged drains, or even sewage backing up into your home, call New England Pipe Restoration. We will use our specialized sewer camera inspection system to quickly determine whether your problem is due to old pipes, faulty mains, or other problems such as shifting earth or tree roots growing into your sewer line. We simply slide a sewer camera down a drain into your sewer, snaking it through the lines until we discover the source of the problem on our CCTV.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

Once we determine the problem, we will come to the conclusion of whether the sewer pipe can be repaired or if it must be replaced. If a sewer pipe can be fixed, we use a special epoxy to repair the sewer pipe from the inside, requiring only one small hole to be dug in order to access the sewer pipe. And once the epoxy dries, it's strong enough to outlast any other common pipe material.

That's why we offer a lifetime guarantee on our Perma Liner trenchless sewer piping system. We will always repair a pipe when possible, but occasionally, a sewer system has to be replaced. If this is necessary, we will discuss the process with you every step of the way, ensuring your satisfaction with the project.

Experience You Can Trust

We know how vitally important it is to get your sewer back in good working order as quickly as possible. Problems with a sewer can endanger the health of your family and pets. For an experienced team who will put you and your family first, call New England Pipe Restoration today.

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