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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Bangor, ME

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Get Drain Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair in Bangor, ME

The Bangor, Maine area has access to the most advanced technologies in the plumbing industry thanks to New England Pipe Restoration’s trenchless services. Trenchless sewer pipe repair is innovation at its finest. This option uses state-of-the-art equipment to tackle the biggest fixes such as total replacements without the need for excavations or ruining your property. There are many perks to trenchless that many people aren’t aware of.

Often, trenchless sewer pipe repair is done with pipe relining. We first inspect the pipes to see if they are due for a sewer repair or replacement. We then clean the pipes to ensure that the liner that is used will be able to bind to the old pipes and secure itself in. After that preparation is done, we will move on to the lining process. This involves using a felt tube filled with epoxy resin solution that will recreate the inside of your pipes making them durable. The tube is pushed through the pipes, whether it’s a portion or the entire track, and then it is inflated once in place. It is steamed and hardens to the inside of the old pipes and forms a new cured-in-place-pipe, completing the process and leaving the system restored and ready to use.

New England Pipe Restoration Trenchless Services

Environmentally Safe and Friendly

Excavations are a nightmare for a community and also for a Bangor, ME home or business owner. The excavation takes the use of heavy machinery to get the job done. When these things are incorporated and used over time, they produce pollution that fills the air and toxins spread throughout the community. Another issue is the damage to your property. While it is the responsibility of the company to fill in the gaps that they created, they are often not responsible for renovations and landscaping - costs which can run into the thousands and land at your door.

Save Money Now and Later

Fewer workers, less heavy machinery, shorter work timeframe, and long lasting results all add up to big savings. We are able to cut down costs by eliminating the need for these things, but we are also producing quality work. The liners used for replacements are strong enough to block out invading tree roots and also durable enough to last upwards of 50 plus years. The liner acts as a new pipe inside of the old ones. The new smooth inside helps products and water pass through with ease and seals any pre-existing holes, leaks, and cracks in the old pipes. This helps prevent blockages which eliminates the need for recurring calls to the professionals to come and clear your pipes. Most importantly, it gives you a fully functioning sewer system for decades to come, allowing you to have peace of mind knowing the biggest sewer fix is done with for a long time coming.

Trenchless services are great to have access to, and Bangor residents and business owners have that access thanks to New England Pipe Restoration. If you’re in need of an inspection to see if you’re a candidate for trenchless sewer pipe repairs, give us a call today.

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