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Drain Cleaning Bangor, ME

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Bangor, ME Drain Cleaning

Are you taking care of your Bangor, Maine drains? Occasionally “rinsing” the drains with soapy water usually won’t help clean them and flushing chemical solutions to clear a blockage or mask a smell can cause damage to the pipes if used consistently or improperly. So what is the best way to help care for your sewer system? Get your drains cleaned routinely and you will not only be left with a clear system, but it will also help preserve your pipes for years to come, prevent blockages, and reduce the change of foul odors filling your home.

Drain Cleaning Bangor ME

Drain Cleaning in Bangor

New England Pipe Restoration is happy to bring drain cleaning options to the Bangor, ME area. One option that helps clear blockages and clean the inside of the pipes is hydro jetting. This is the use of highly pressurized water to blast away anything in its path. With a power and speed of 4000 PSI, it is strong enough to blast through invading tree roots as well as clean the walls of the pipes. Using specialized nozzles, the water hits the pipe from all directions and washes all the loose debris down the drain, leaving the pipes clear and good to go.

Preserve Your Pipes

Pipe cleanings are an important part of keeping your pipes safe and helping them last for years to come. If pipes don’t receive the proper routine cleanings, they are more likely not to last to their full potential and will require the owners to get a total replacement prematurely. This is a large investment and no one wants to make it before they should have to. Removing the grime from the inside of the pipes removes the toxins that are within it. If the toxic layers are not removed, they can eat away at the pipes over time and cause rusting, breakage, and holes that are more expensive to repair and may need to be replaced either in sections or completely.

Prevent Blockages

When layers of sludge build up in the pipes, it makes the passage for water flow much smaller. While this doesn’t necessarily directly affect the water flow by itself, it will collect the debris and waste that goes down the drain. Food particles and paper products will have more of a tendency to get stuck in the pipes when there is less space to pass through. If you’re experiencing more blockages often, it’s probably time for a proper drain cleaning.

Reduce Foul Odors

Think about the waste that goes down the drains. When pipes are left untreated, waste particles can accumulate and lead to foul odors that come from the drains. While many people try to temporarily mask the smells with things such as baking soda, vinegar, soap, and harmful chemical products, this will just add to the already growing gross scum and layers of foul smelling bacteria invested grime inside the pipes. The only true way to help the issue is to properly have the pipes cleaned.

If you’re in the Bangor, Maine area, call New England Pipe Restoration to schedule your sewer drain cleaning today.

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