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Reasons Behind Recurring Clogs

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Recurring clogs are one of the most common drain issues known today. Some clogs can be tackled with simply DIY methods, while others may require professional drain cleaning in Framingham, MA. Reputable companies like New England Pipe Restoration know the ins and outs of what it takes to keep a healthy drain clean, but what do homeowners need to know to understand why the clogs reoccur in the first place? Read on to find out.

Wrong Items Being Flushed Down the Drain

Hair, food, hygiene items, and wipes are all common items that get flushed down the drain on a regular basis. Most people are unaware of how much damage these small items cause not only the drains but the pipes that transfer these items. Professional drain cleaning services are what you may need to resolve this issue, but it also comes down to knowing what to flush and what not to flush. To be safe, don’t flush anything besides tissue paper.

Invasive Tree Roots

Some backyard trees have roots that can start to grow into the sewer pipes. The roots pierce the sewer line and can lead to recurring clogs, leaks, and many other types of damage. Invasive roots can prevent the drain from being able to expel waste properly. While this is a common cause for a clogged drain, professionals can use things like hydro jetting to blast the roots free and unclog the pipes.

Damaged Pipes

In some situations, a drain system will experience recurring clogs regardless of the maintenance or care routine. If this is an issue, it is likely because the pipes are damaged in a way that prevents the waste from being able to travel to the proper location. Damaged sewer pipes can be a product of many different situations, but it is best to be prompt and attentive so the issue gets resolved quickly. In a situation like this, it is best to rely on a professional drain cleaning company instead of going the DIY route.

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