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Real Talk: Can I Afford Trenchless Sewer Repair?

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There’s a junction underground where your building or home’s main sewer line connects to the public sewer system. And everything from this point all the way up to the ventilation pipes on the roof are your responsibility to repair.

While experts advise paying about $250-$350 for a sewer camera inspection before moving into a new building, unexpected damage to your sewer lines can happen at any time. And that can leave you on the line for sewer repair costs. Unfortunately water pipe repair and sewer line replacement costs aren’t in everyone’s budget. In cases of extreme damage, pipe lining companies will have to replace your sewer lines completely, but sometimes a sewer repair company can replace just the broken portion of your sewer line.

Can I Afford Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Cured in place pipe liner is a form of epoxy pipe lining which is fed through your broken pipe. Then, experienced trenchless pipe replacement contractors inflate and cure this pipe, creating a new pipe-within-a-pipe. This process is one form of trenchless plumbing, a “no dig” technology that’s been available for 10 to 15 years now.

In the past, access trenches had to be dug along your property above the sewer lines. But if those sewer lines ran under your landscaping, deck, patio, parking lot, or even the public sidewalk, you had to pay not only for workers to dig the trench and repair the pipe, but thousands more for restorative work. Trenchless plumbing and CIPP liner can spare you those extra costs.

That being said, trenchless sewer repair can be 30-50% more expensive than conventional sewer repair. But even so, it’s often much more cost effective because you don’t have to dig up and re-sod or re-pave your property.

And remember, sewer repair might not be cheap, but it is necessary. Fail to fix broken sewer lines and that sewage could back up into your home or yard…

How To Know If I Need No Dig Trenchless Plumbing?

First, a drain cleaning company like ours will typically perform a sewer camera inspection to diagnose the problem. If the issue can be fixed with a snaking tool or hydro-jetting service, then that’s what we recommend. But if a section of your sewer line is broken and needs replacing, how do you choose between CIPP trenchless pipe lining and conventional digging?

It depends how attached you are to your property. If your sewer lines run under your beloved patio, deck, or an expensive section of pavement, then trenchless pipe repair is your best option.

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