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What Makes Only Perma-Lateral Liner Materials So Strong?

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Have you considered trenchless pipe repair for your pending sewer line replacement, but are unsure about the quality of the materials used?  Trenchless pipe repair and restoration has been around for many years, however it’s only recently become the industry standard in many locations. Contractors now prefer installing new trenchless pipes instead of the traditional method that once required a trench dug in your front lawn, or destruction of the walls in your home.

With trenchless pipe repair, the process is over within a day, there is no need to dig up your lawn, and it costs much less because there is less labor involved. But what about the quality of the products used to restore your old damaged pipes? Can the liner really hold up to 50 years of use (or longer) without damage?

New England Pipe Restoration Uses Only Perma-Lateral Liner Materials for Trenchless Services

The best contractors only use the best materials out there when providing their services to customers. That is why New England Pipe Restoration uses Perma-Lateral Liner and materials. The brand’s lining system came about during the early days of trenchless pipe repair in 1999, and they are still an industry leader when it comes to small diameter pipe lining and materials.

Perma-Lateral Liner is made from Styrene-free resin. It is used to restore any pipe material including cast iron, clay, or PVC. Based on third-party testing, the minimum life span for Perma-Lateral materials is 50 years per ASTM. The products are UPC and ICC-ES listed and they meet the NSF/ANSI standard 14 certification and quality assurance program.

Perma-Lateral products have been around for 18 years and are still going strong. The developers for the brand understand the need for quality products that can withstand the test of time and hold up against any obstacles in their way. When it’s time to find a contractor to repair or replace your sewer lines, make sure they use only Perma-Lateral Liner and Materials.

Get in Touch with New England Pipe Restoration to Learn More About Their Products and Services

If you need your sewer lines replaced, or would like to find out more about trenchless pipe repair, you can get in touch with NE Pipe Restoration. We have the experience and knowledge that is necessary to successfully restore your pipes so that your system will function like new once again. Our services are available to both residential and commercial customers.

New England Pipe Restoration offers a full range of plumbing and sewer pipe services including video pipe inspection, chiller lines replacement, trenchless sewer repair, and roof drain lining. They are one of the most trusted contractors in the Leominster area and only use the best products like those offered from Perma-Lateral.

If you would like to learn more about how NE Pipe Restoration can assist you, call us today at 866.350.9041.

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