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Main Causes of Commercial Sewer Problems

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Seeing sewer backing up with dirty water running all over the floors is perhaps one of the worst nightmares for commercial building managers. If you don’t do trenchless sewer repair promptly, this nightmare can become a costly problem real quick!

The following are the main causes of commercial sewer problems and how they can be fixed.

Tree Root Infiltration

Commercial construction sewer lines are located below ground. It’s because of this that tree roots infiltration is one of the major causes of most commercial sewer problems.

Once these roots penetrate the sewer lines, they naturally expand, which causes cracks in the pipes. The best way to fix such a problem is by getting trenchless sewer replacement.

Sagging Sewer Lines

Sewer lines under most commercial constructions eventually begin to sag because of wear and tear. Unfortunately, a sagging sewer line is one of the problems you can’t predict, as it occurs naturally over time.

Once the sewer lines sag, the waste materials moving inside the pipes from commercial bathroom drains will get stuck, eventually causing a blockage. Trenchless pipe replacement is needed to fix such a problem.

Damaged Pipes

Just like everything else, pipes age with time. Old pipes will crack and eventually suffer extensive damages, which will prevent sewage and water from draining.

In the long run, this will have the sewer lines of the commercial structures backing up, a problem that can pose a health hazard to all occupants. To get sewer lines running again, you’ll need trenchless pipe lining.

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