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What You Should Know:The Different Methods Used in Drain Cleaning?

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Clogged pipes are a perilous and exasperating drainage issues that may lead to pools of water around drain openings, gurgling sounds, and a smell of rotting food coming from the sink. A clogged drain may result from root intrusions, grease, dirt, and debris such as food particles that accumulate on the walls of the pipes. With a variety of choices in today’s market, the drain cleaning method will depend entirely on your plumber.

Here are proven methods used for drain cleaning, both commercial and residential premises:

Chemical Drain Cleaning

Chemical drain cleaning utilizes solid or liquid forms of acids and alkaline. Essentially, the chemical is poured directly into the clogged drain where it reacts and dislodges the organic blockage. Chemical drain cleaning products are readily available and efficient. However, some products are corrosive and can cause hazards such as chemical burns on your skin and pipe corrosion. Thus, it’s crucial to let licensed plumbers clean your drain as they have the skills to choose and handle the chemicals.

Air Burst Drain Cleaning

Airburst drain cleaning uses accelerated gas such as carbon dioxide to unclog pipes. The gas creates a force that can disintegrate and dislodge the accumulated clog. Airburst drain cleaning is effective and works faster than chemical drain cleaning. It can reach blockages that are far down the drain and does not leave marks or scratches on your pipes.

Snake Drain Cleaning

The approach employs a long, flexible, and about ¼ inches thick tool called a drain snake (also known as a plumbing auger) to unclog your lines. On one end, the auger has a hand crank, and the other one has a corkscrew connected to it. The flexible end is positioned inside the drain, and the hand crank is used to elongate the cable down the drain until it reaches the clog. The corkscrew then drills the clog and disintegrates it. This method is very effective in clearing massive clogs including plant intrusions.

Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

Hydro-jetting is a more modern form of drain cleaning method that uses high-pressure water streams to remove clogs in drains. The hydro jet is a hosepipe that is linked to a powerful nozzle that pushes water at a high pressure of up to 35,000 PSI. The nozzle is pushed into the drain, and the high-pressure water forces itself through the pipe. The pressure and energy from the water are what unclogs the drain. Hydro jetting can easily penetrate long drainpipes by pushing water through as it completely clears out all obstructions including food, hair, grease, residue, and mineral deposits.

Let’s Recap

A clogged drain can be a disaster that leaves your home waterlogged. However, trying to unclog the drains on your own can be appalling, and thus the need for a qualified and experienced professional. Qualified technicians have the skills and know-how to ensure that your drain is cleared effectively and within the shortest time possible. Besides, they’re bonded and insured, and therefore your property will be covered as long as they’re working on your drain.

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