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It Costs WHAT? How To Know If You’re Getting Ripped Off on Storm Drain Repair

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For many homeowners, the sudden cost of repairing or replacing broken or clogged sewer lines comes as a total shock. So too can storm drain repair. Although every home, commercial building, and public property has a unique plumbing setup, our trenchless pipe lining experts have discovered that most Americans don’t have a clear idea of how all this works.

So before you fork over the cash for storm drain repair or trenchless pipe replacement, you need to understand how your pipes all fit together. In general, your property has two main pipes taking waste away from your property to the public pipe system.

What’s The Difference Between Storm Drain Repair and Your Sewer System?

Most people realize that whenever you flush your toilet the water gets carried away from your building through sewer lines. These pipes eventually connect with the public sewer main, where it’s born away for someone else to deal with. However, not everyone realizes that there is often a secondary pipe system on their property. Many buildings have storm drains that collect rainwater, and these drains keep water from collecting near your foundation, which causes serious damage. Just like your sewers, these drains carry waste water away to a public drain system.

In the same way sewer lines get clogged, many property owners will also require costly storm drain repair.

How To Tell If You’re Getting Ripped Off On Sewer Line Repair/Storm Drain Repair?

We provide the trenchless sewer repair Boston homeowners and businesses count on for their sewer emergencies (one of the worst kinds of emergencies). We’ve discovered that people are often surprised by the cost of repairs. When that happens, homeowners come to us for a second opinion. Does drain repair really cost this much? Am I getting ripped off on sewer repair?

First, some old school plumbers have been slow to adopt the latest trenchless pipe lining technology. Using expoxy pipe lining, the best plumbers can now replace and repair pipes without digging trenches across your property. This method of cheap sewer drain repair is not only less expensive, it’s also less time consuming and disruptive.

If your sewer or drains are acting up, especially if they’re backing up into your home or yard, then the only way to diagnose the problem is with a sewer camera inspection. If you’re lucky, you’ll just need to hydro jet your pipes to clear a clog. If not, then trenchless drain repair can be an affordable alternative. But the only way to know for sure is to stick a video in your pipes.

If you want a second opinion, ask to see the tape yourself. Alternatively, simply ensure that you’re working with a legitimate company. Do they do municipal work for the city? Do they have good reviews? Do they have references?

And remember: Angie’s List recommends a sewer inspection if your home is more than 40 years old. But you should also get an inspection whenever you move into a new house (the average price is $250 to $350 per project). It’s entirely possible you are getting ripped off — not by your plumbers, by the people you bought the home from! So don’t procrastinate, get an inspection from a reputable company ASAP!

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