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Importance Of Preventing Problems And Regular Inspections

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Most of us probably don’t even think about our sewer drains until something goes wrong. But when problems arise, that same sewer system will become the front and center of our attention. A malfunctioning sewer drain can bring many different problems that will need to be addressed quickly. Today we are going to learn the importance of preventing problems by having regular inspections.

Prevent Sewer Issues with Regular Inspections

Below you will find five reasons why regular sewer inspections can help prevent problems and improve the health of your drain lines. So if you are a homeowner or a business owner, you just might want to take note.

1. Regular camera inspections prevent root growth: One of the major causes of sewer drain clogs is tree roots. These growing roots can inch there way inside your drain line and block flow. A yearly or bi-yearly camera inspection can catch roots before they cause too much damage. Root balls can clog drains and prevent sewage from leaving your sewer system. This can cause toilets to overflow and can release foul odors that will be released from your sink drains.

2. Find those clogs quickly: In the past, plumbers had a difficult time determining the location of clogs. Often they would miss small clogs altogether. But with today’s advanced sewer camera inspection, clogs can no longer hide. Even small clogs can cause serious issues. That’s why they will need to be removed after they have been detected. If clogs are found during the inspection, a water jet can be brought in and your line can be quickly cleaned. This will remove the clogs and clean the walls of your drain line giving you years of sewer service without troubles.

3. Detect leaks: Leaking sewer drain lines can cause major problems. If raw sewage is allowed to penetrate the ground, an environmental issue will arise. In some areas, homeowners and business owners can be fined thousands of dollars due to leaking sewer drains. A large sewer drain leak may be apparent right away and visible on the surface. But a small leak can go unnoticed for many months causing your soil to become contaminated. A regular camera sewer inspection can help catch even the smallest leaks allowing you to repair them before they become a problem.

4. Your hard-earned money will be saved: A yearly camera inspection is a great way to save money. Finding small sewer drain problems early will allow a certified plumber to fix them quickly and without major repair costs. On the other hand, if you neglect to inspect your sewer drain, you just might have a nasty surprise waiting on you in the future. So instead of waiting, why not have those sewer drains inspected today and save your money?

5. Solve slow drain issues: When sewer drains become old they will often begin to sag. This can cause paper and other solid waste to settle in the bottom of the drain line. Over time this can cause the flow to be reduced. Slow drains can have other complications including over flowing toilets which can be a messy situation.

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