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The Importance Of Lining Your Roof Drains This Summer

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When you’re the manager for an apartment complex or condo complex, it can be challenging to look at any repairs or replacements without wanting to cringe. Since all these buildings are connected in some way- including any plumbing systems- repairs can become difficult and expensive. New England Pipe Restoration ensures that a roof drain isn’t a problem when we offer our roof drain lining service.

Why Roof Drain Lining?

Time is of the essence in terms of repairs or replacements being necessary. If your roof drain is experiencing complications, it can seep water into the walls, which can allow mold spores to grow. It can also break the walls inside the apartments or condos you’re in charge of. This causes massive problems inside the apartments and condos, which can mean big problems with the tenants.

The main issue that can be resolved with roof drain lining is leakages. Leaks can cause big problems like the ones mentioned, but it can also cause entire buildings to need to be shut down for the necessary repairs and replacements. With roof drain lining, you don’t have to be worried about that. Most of the repairs offered by our company can be completed while the water is still turned on- the exception is when we’re waiting for our lining to cure. That only takes about four hours, so you’re not losing a bunch of time in comparison to a full replacement.

Why New England Pipe Restoration?

We can help extend the lifespan of your pipes and save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repairs, replacements, and unnecessary plumber bills. We’re located locally and are easily reachable- all requests are returned within twenty-four hours and we can be reached both through phone and email. We offer top-notch service to be completed by the best plumbers/technicians that your hard-earned money can get you.

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