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Hydro Jetting: An Environmentally-Friendly Drain Cleaning Solution

drain cleaning in Newton, MA

At New England Pipe Restoration, our team specializes in a variety of environmentally-safe plumbing solutions, including drain cleaning in Boston, MA. Drain cleaning is typically performed as preventative maintenance on a regular basis or as an emergency measure when drains back up.

When a home or business experiences a clogged drain, it's best to seek out a professional plumber to clear the blockage to prevent accidental damage to the drain pipe and plumbing system and potentially environmental damage. We discuss more below:

Traditional Drain Cleaning

In the past, the main tools that plumbers had available for cleaning and clearing drain pipes were harsh, corrosive chemicals and drain snaking. The former can erode pipes just enough to speed up deterioration over time, which is why licensed professionals never recommend the use of consumer or commercial grade chemicals to clean or clear drains. The second option involves the insertion of a special spined rod at the end of a flexible cable into the pipe. The rod dislodges food particles, grease, hair, soap scum and other debris. Although it's environmentally safe, it doesn't clear away every bit of debris or large clogs.

Hydro Jetting

A modern drain cleaning company uses every available tool. One of the most recent tools to become available is hydro jetting equipment. A professional uses highly pressurized water to clear debris and clogs that are too sticky or large from a pipe's interior. They can even clear out minor tree roots growing through the pipes. Unlike chemical cleaners, hydro jetting is environmentally safe because the equipment only uses a small amount of electricity and water. Hydro jetting is also a fantastic way to maintain the pipes. When used appropriately, the water flushes through the entire system leaving spotless pipe interiors during cleaning and maintenance jobs.

Our team at New England Pipe Restoration takes pride in offering environmentally-friendly drain cleaning services to our residential and commercial neighbors. Our hydro jetting service is a low-impact, safe, pressure-cleaning solution that saves clients time and money. For more information about hydro jetting or our other plumbing system cleaning and clog clearing solutions, contact us today.

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