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How We Inspect Chiller Lines in Commercial Buildings

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Here at New England Pipe Restoration, we understand that your chiller lines are essential to your business running smoothly. We also understand that malfunctions in these lines can really eat up your budget and can grossly outweigh the cost of anything else in your budget, completely misfiring your money goals and management goals. That can really set things off track and completely destroy future management goals and business operations. That’s why we offer chiller line inspections, and that’s why we do them right.

How The Chiller Lines Are Inspected In Commercial Facilities

As a company with experience with chiller lines, we find it best to begin the inspection by dropping the heads of the chiller unit. Then we brush the tubes, which allows us to ensure better heat transfer. This is directly related to the efficiency of your chiller. We then take an oil sample while the chiller is operating; the oil analysis will let us know if your oil needs to be changed, which is a relatively easy fix.

We also take a refrigerant sample, which can tell us quite a bit about the operational functions of your chiller lines. If it’s charged correctly, it means your chiller is free of leaks and is operating with relatively good function. If too little or too much refrigerant is present in the lines, it could possibly cause damage to the compressor impeller, refrigerant carryover, reduce capacity, indicate an overloaded motor, or cause excess power consumption. We offer monthly water analysis reports, which check the quality of the water coming in and out of your chiller.

When inspecting your chiller, we also keep an ear out for any sounds that seem odd. We look out for squeaking or shaking noises. We also look for leaks or a lack of refrigerant in your system, your system not reaching set thermostat temperature, or poor water flow.

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