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How to Prevent Clogs in Your Drain

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Who would want to deal with frequently clogged drains? Every homeowner will do all things possible to prevent their drains from clogging. However, a lack of knowledge on what causes clogging makes homeowners do things that lead to clogs. Our experts at New England Pipe Restoration, the reputable drain cleaning company, takes you through what you should do to avoid your drains from clogging.

Keep food leftovers away from the kitchen drain

Most people tend to dispose of food leftovers through the kitchen sink. Food leftovers accumulate inside the drain and end up causing a clog. To avoid having a clogged drain caused by food leftovers, always put the leftover in the trash and take it to the garbage disposal point. However, if a member mistakenly blocked the drain with food particles, call us for drain unclogging. We will inspect and unblock the drain right away.

Don’t flush dense, bulky, and sticky materials in the toilet

A toilet clog is one of the most frustrating issues you can encounter. The toilet drain can only handle toilet paper and human waste. Therefore, disposing of feminine products and other bulky wastes through the toilet drain may cause a clog. Since you can’t always prevent disposing of non-flushable material through the toilet drain, you should make sure everyone understands this. However, if you find your toilet drain clogged, stop using the toilet and call us immediately for drain cleaning services, and we will respond promptly.

Don’t pour liquid grease into the sink drain

Elimination of liquid grease eventually leads to a clog in your drain. The liquid grease solidifies and forms a hard clog in the drainage system. If you find the drain clogged by grease, call us immediately to carry out drain snaking to unblock the clog. Liquid grease should be kept in a sealable container. Later, you should take the accumulated grease to the trash.

Cover the drain with a mesh screen

Bathroom drains are clogged mainly by soap scum and fallen hair during the shower. To prevent clogging your bathroom drain, install a mesh screen tub to collect the hair and soap particles.

Are you looking for a company that can ensure excellent drain cleaning in Arlington, MA? Well, New England Pipe Restoration is here for you. Our trusted team has vast experience and always available upon request. Book our services today by scheduling an appointment via phone or our online form.

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