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How Sewer Camera Inspections Work

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Prior to the development of sewer camera inspections, the only way to really know if a sewer pipe was leaking, damaged or crushed was to dig it up and examine it. Modern sewer cameras offer an alternative means of pipe inspection in Boston, MA, that is far less invasive than traditional sewer inspections. This translates to significant cost savings and far less hassle for the property owners.

A sewer camera inspection in Boston, MA, can also provide detailed information on the entire length of the sewer pipe, including drains and connections, so that we know just what areas require repair and restoration.

How is a Sewer Camera Inspection Performed?

During a sewer camera plumbing inspection in Boston, MA, a small camera attached to a sturdy, flexible cable is pushed through the sewer pipe. The pipe is accessed by opening an existing valve or by digging a small pit to gain entry to one end of the pipe. As the camera travels through the line, it transmits a video feed that is viewable in real time on a computer screen or smart device. 

The video footage indicates the distance along the pipe that the camera has traveled. Sewer inspection in Boston, MA, provides our team with valuable information that can be used to carry out any necessary repair tasks.

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The team at New England Pipe Restoration is standing by to serve you wherever you’re located in the greater Boston area. Contact us to schedule an appointment for sewer line or drain inspection in Boston, MA, and get ready for our personnel to employ this modern technology to provide you with a complete assessment of the current condition of your property’s sewer line plumbing.

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