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How Long Does a Sewer Inspection Take?

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Scheduling a sewer inspection as part of home maintenance is a crucial step in ensuring that your sewer system is in good shape. However, one common question that arises, especially among first time homeowners, is, "How long does a sewer inspection take?" The answer to this question can vary based on several factors. New England Pipe Restoration discusses these below:

Property Size and Layout

The size and layout of your property play a significant role in the duration of a plumbing inspection. Larger properties with more complex systems may require more time for a thorough examination. The inspection process involves accessing various access points, such as cleanouts, vents, and sewer lines. In larger properties, reaching these access points may take more time, especially if they are spread out across the premises.

The Length of the Sewer Line

Longer sewer lines naturally take more time to inspect thoroughly. Our team needs to navigate the entire length of the line, assessing its condition and identifying any issues. It’s important to schedule regular sewer camera inspection services Newton, MA, to ensure that there are no hidden problems within the system.

Complexity of Issues

If a pipe inspection reveals minor issues that require simple repairs, the process may be relatively quick. However, if significant problems, such as extensive root intrusion, corrosion, or structural damage, are identified, we may extend the inspection time to determine the root cause and address these complex issues effectively.

A sewer and drain inspection is a valuable investment in the health of your sewer system. Not only does it ensure that any issues are identified and addressed promptly, it can also help extend the life of your sewer line. Save yourself from more extensive and costly repairs and schedule a sewer inspection with New England Pipe Restoration. Contact us today to learn more.

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