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How Clogged Drains Can Lead to Worse Issues

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A clogged drain isn't just a pesky issue that some homeowners experience. Clogged drains that are left unattended can cause serious problems for your home. At New England Pipe Restoration, we want to educate homeowners on the importance of proper drain cleaning in Boston, MA. Here is how clogged drains can lead to worse issues:

Slow Drains

When your pipes become clogged from things like debris and grease buildup, it makes it more difficult for your drains to remove water over time. This usually results in standing water, and can even lead to flooding.

If you notice one or more slow drains inside your home, it's time to call a drain cleaning company in Boston, MA, to clean them before it becomes a bigger problem.


Your pipes will experience corrosion as it gets older due to regular wear and tear. However, homeowners who avoid cleaning their can lead to corrosion a lot sooner than necessary.

A Need for a Replacement

Another thing to consider with a clogged drain is that you may need a complete pipe replacement if you let the clog sit too long. The longer a clog sits, the more likely it is to damage your pipes beyond repair. Essentially, this will cost you a lot more money than getting drain cleaning services in Boston, MA.

If you have a clogged drain in Boston, MA, it's important to hire a professional to clean it as soon as possible. If your pipes become corroded, this can create a much bigger issue.

At New England Pipe Restoration, we want homeowners in the areas we serve to have drains with the best performance. If you need drain snaking in Boston, MA, or other drain cleaning services, be sure to contact us today. Feel free to call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule an appointment.

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