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Factors to Consider Before
Trenchless Repair

NE Pipe – Serving all of New England

Few maintenance issues are as troublesome as backed up sewer piping, but we here at New England Pipe Restoration may have just the solution that you’ve been looking for. We offer comprehensive trenchless pipe repair in Framingham, MA, and we’re pleased to provide some insight into the factors that determine which repair techniques are best for the various situations that we encounter.

The Scope of the Repairs

Our team furnishes trenchless pipe lining and repair as alternatives to the traditional excavation and replacement methods that were the industry standard a few decades ago. Pipes that are cracked, corroded or slightly separated can usually be restored with one of these trenchless techniques while traditional repair techniques are reserved for piping with more severe damage.

Space and Logistics

Our trenchless sewer repair practices require very little ground disturbance and digging. This means that they are ideal for use in locations with limited surface access to due to nearby structures, complex landscaping or extensive hardscaping. All repair work is performed within the constraints of the existing plumbing system, and no damage is done to plants and structures located aboveground.

Time and Expense

Time and money are critical factors that almost everyone has to deal with, and our sewer repair team is no different. The time and cost savings of our trenchless sewer replacement and repair services make them great choices for time-strapped, budget-conscious property owners from all walks of life.

Find Answers to Your Plumbing Questions Today

Contact New England Pipe Repair today to learn more about our trenchless pipe replacement and repair services. We’ll take time to evaluate your plumbing in more detail and discuss the available options with you right away.

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