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Do’s and Don’ts of Drain Cleaning

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Drain issues can be quite common no matter if you live in a new home or an apartment. Home drainage systems work 247 to direct the dirty water out of your property. As such, many household products and waste go down the drain- things such as hair, soap scum, minute food wastes and unwanted water can accumulate and block your drainage.

What would you do if the drain has finally clogged and is unable to take in waste? Call in an emergency plumbing service, that’s what. You can save time by knowing the do’s and don’t of drain cleaning, listed here:


Do Install A Cap Or Drain Filter

This is probably the cheapest way to keep your drains clog-free. Purchasing and installing a trap makes cleaning easy because it hold the larger refuse materials such as hair and food refuse instead of it being flushed down the drain. At the end of the day, simply gather the filter and throw the remains in the bin, then putting it back to the shower or sink.

Do Jet Out Your Sewer Lines

Problems that develop in the sewer lines may or may not be within your home drain lines. If the situation becomes the latter, make sure to call professional experts to have the sewer line jetted out as soon as possible.

Do Run Your Garbage Disposal

Running it simply requires flipping a switch for a few seconds. Using it prevents corrosion and rust from prematurely forming. Regular garbage disposal also keeps the moving parts running in an optimal condition, plus lets you see if there are any large obstructions that need to be removed by hand.

Do Have The Drains Snaked Out By A Professional

Professional snaking is considered to be one of the best ways to prevent debris and buildup of your pipes. Hire a professional drain cleaning and repair service in Toronto{.broken_link} to have it fixed and ensure it doesn’t snap and damage anything within the vicinity.


Do Not Dispose Grease

Grease might appear in liquid form as you dispose it, but it hardens and can potentially block your plumbing pipes by sticking to the sides.

Do Not Throw Food Waste

Don’t just mindlessly scrape your plates of leftover food, and don’t flush all of them down the garbage disposal. Check if the food is biodegradable; if not, then just throw them in the trash bin instead. Chicken bones and bones from ribs can cause damage to the pipes and garbage disposal chute, while onion skins, celery stalks and husks can block the pipes and jam the garbage disposal’s motor.

Do Not Put Hot Water Or Vinegar Down The Drain

This home remedy for unclogging drains may work to a degree, but it really isn’t the best way to unblock a drain pipe. Putting in high concentrations of either vinegar and/or hot water can cause your pipes to prematurely rust and break in the future.

Do Not Use Liquid Drain Or Acid Cleaners

Like vinegar, don’t put in any type of acid to your drains. It may provide a short-term solution of dissolving any gunk, grease or waste in your pipes, but will cause more harm than good in the long run. Your pipes will get damaged and it can cause serious injuries and burns if left unchecked. Same goes with oils, pesticides, disinfectants, thinners, solvents and paint.

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