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To Dig or Not to Dig? Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Options

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When a sewer line becomes troublesome, most homeowners are often left in a dilemma. True, it can be difficult to decide whether to call a plumber or just do it yourself. Upon considering possible costs and looking at your lovely garden, the big question arises, “To dig or not to dig?”

There are maintenance tasks which can be performed safely by a homeowner, but drain line repair and replacements are best placed under the hands of a professional plumber. Improper techniques and erroneous steps can only lead to more clogging, leaks, or back-ups which aggravates the issue rather than solving it. Let’s say you choose to dig, where would you start? How would you go about with the repair or replacement?

First thing you must know is that sewer lines are built to last, so not every problem essentially requires a replacement. By learning about the different sewer line repair & replacement options, homeowners can completely comprehend what’s going on in their plumbing system. This understanding likewise prevents them from being cheated by repairmen who might overcharge and tell that a problem is worse than it really is. Now you can call a contractor for assistance and find a plumber you can trust.

Next step is to learn how to tell when your sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced. Professional technicians equipped with state-of-the-art tools of the trade can pinpoint the problem and find its exact location through an in-line camera inspection. Last but not least, discover the various methods used to address the problem once and for all in order to ultimately end up making the right decision.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Options

Once the problem is accurately determined, and both plumbing expert and you agree that your sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s time to decide the best way to do it.

Traditional methods are typically what comes to mind with all that digging with a backhoe and havoc it could cause in your yard. Factor in the disruption in daily routine which could go one for weeks on end, depending on how serious the problem is. Once the repair or replacement is completed, refilling the areas and re-landscaping may have to be performed.

On the other hand, trenchless techniques merely involve drilling two small access holes from the start of the affected area up to where the damaged pipe ends. A new pipe is pulled through the existing pipe to burst the old pipe into pieces as the brand new system is simultaneously put in its place. There’s also the pipe lining method wherein a durable pipe is created within the current pipe system by means of special epoxy resins.

The efficiency clearly outmatches what traditional sewer line repairs can do. Trenchless methods thereby cause less damage to lawns and gardens, yards and driveways than traditional techniques. The “no dig” technology provides homeowners and their entire family with unbeatable convenience, time and money savings in the long run by simply opting for an environment-friendly sewer repair or replacement procedure.

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