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Why Dig? CIPP Tecnology can Repair your Yard Without Digging in Cambridge, MA

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Homeowners in Cambridge, MA know what a pain — a costly one, at that — it can be to replace plumbing and sewer lines. It’s something that most property owners inevitably have to face, but many people dread the time and expenses involved in traditional repairs and they hesitate to call a professional. This is unfortunate, as delaying plumbing and sewer line repairs only exacerbates the existing problem and can turn a relatively small issue into a huge one. If you’ve been worried about having someone dig in your yard to fix a broken or leaking line, there is a better option that removes the hassle associated with traditional replacement methods. Trenchless repair allows technicians to fix plumbing and sewer line issues without excavation or ruining your landscaping. One form of trenchless repair called cured in place pipe (CIPP) is a repair option available to those in Cambridge, MA.

CIPP Technology Is Convenient

Cured in place pipe is installed without heavy digging in your yard, which makes it much more convenient than traditional methods of plumbing and sewer line repair. You won’t have to deal with hearing heavy machinery for days on end, the repairs will be completed more quickly, and your landscaping, driveway, and property won’t be disturbed.

CIPP technology involves running a new liner through your old, broken sewer line or pipes. As the liner sets — or cures — into place, it takes up the space occupied by the damaged line and replaces it. The new, solidified sewer line or plumbing pipe does not conform to the imperfections of the damaged material but instead is perfectly aligned in your system and ready to be used immediately. You end up with a new sewer line or plumbing that has excellent structural integrity, increased durability, and the technicians won’t have to ruin your yard in the process.

Trenchless Repair Is Less Expensive

CIPP technology and trenchless repair in Cambridge, MA cost less money than traditional sewer line and plumbing replacement methods for many reasons:

There’s no need to do heavy digging. No excavation means you won’t have to pay the cost to rent heavy duty equipment or pay for the labor associated with using it. As opposed to a crew of many workers, it typically only takes 1 or 2 technicians to install cured in place pipe.

Cured in place pipe requires less time for installation, which lowers labor and repair costs. This also allows you to get back to your normal routine and have access to properly functioning water and sewer systems much faster.

Without the need to excavate your yard, you won’t have to pay to have it re-landscaped. Buying new plants and surface structures will also be unnecessary when you opt for trenchless repair.

CIPP Is a Smart Solution

The new line that’s fed through your old one will help make your plumbing or sewer system significantly more efficient. It’s also made of damage resistant material that is durable, long lasting, and able to withstand more usage and pressure than older pipes. In addition to increased efficiency, cured in place pipe will add to the value of your property.

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