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Common Problems Found During Sewer Inspections

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Since they are underground and not seen, the sewer system is one of the most neglected components of the household. However, any damage to the system can cause severe issues that can be costly to repair. Blocked sinks, funny smells, and dampness are signs that you need to inspect your sewer system.

We offer sewer camera inspection services in Boston, MA, to ensure that you have a fully functioning sewer system. Below are some of the problems we commonly come across during an inspection.

Tree Root Intrusion

Tree root intrusion is a common problem that we encounter during pipe inspection jobs. Most trees are planted after sewer installation. Therefore, some can plant trees near the sewer system. When the roots grow, they can penetrate pipes, especially ones made of clay or cast iron. Replacing the old pipes with modern PVC pipes can help avoid this.

Offset Pipes

Sometimes, pipes may not be aligned appropriately in a sewer system. The problem can be mild or severe depending on the level of misalignment. Slight misalignment may require no drain repair. However, when it is extensive, it can lead to blockages or leaks. Since you don’t want either of these problems, it’s advisable to hire a plumbing inspection specialist to help you appropriately align your pipes.

Grease Build-Up

Most people dispose of grease down their drains, not knowing the damage it can cause. These fats can easily cling to pipe walls. After some time, these clogs can interfere with the waste flow. Hire a drain inspection service provider to help you remove the clogged grease in your pipes. Efficient techniques like jet cleaning help remove the grease!

Sewer inspection is often overlooked but useful, just like the other inspections in your home. Find a reliable sewer inspection company to help you avoid expensive repairs and replacements due to sewer system damage.

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