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Common Problem We Find During a Sewer Camera Inspection

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NEPipe Team performing Sewer camera inspection

A sewer camera inspection is typically done to determine whether there might be a problem in the sewer system. At New England Pipe Restoration, we have been providing sewer camera inspection services in Boston, MA, and the surrounding area for years and can help homeowners maintain their sewer system. Here are some of the common problem we encounter during an inspection:

1. Tree Roots

Tree root invasions are one of the leading causes of cracks, leaks, and pipe blockages. If you have any mature trees on your property, and are experiencing slow drains or a decrease in water pressure, we recommend scheduling a sewer inspection. The cause of these problems may be tree roots in your pipes.

2. Used Oil and Grease

If you dispose of the grease and oil that you use from cooking and frying foods in your sink, they will eventually build up in your sewer line. When homeowners call us for a drain inspection, we often find a build up of used oil, grease, leftover food, fruit and vegetable peelings, and other debris.

3. Broken Pipes

A sewer camera inspection can also find broken pipes in your home. This problem can occur with brand-new and old lines, and several different things can cause it. The best way to get this fixed is to call a professional, who can determine what repairs are needed.

4. Built Up Debris

This problem can occur due to poor drain habits, but it can also happen when an old sewer line starts to deteriorate. While this problem is a bit more complex than a simple tree root blockage, the solution is still relatively easy. A professional pipe inspection can help our technicians locate the blockage.

For all your plumbing inspection needs, look no further than New England Pipe Restoration. We offer quality pipe inspection and repair services and can provide you with lasting solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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