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Common Commercial Sewer Problems

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You may be familiar with trenchless pipe repair in Newton, MA as an excellent solution for residential sewer problems, but it's also a repair method offered by New England Pipe Restoration for commercial sewer pipes. Below, we focus on common commercial sewer issues, some of which may be resolved with trenchless solutions.

Grease and/or Food Buildup

Restaurants and commercial kitchens, in particular, tend to have sewer issues due to the accumulation of grease and food. Grease is especially problematic since it goes into drains in liquid form and solidifies as it cools further down in sewer pipes. Grease traps and food screens can mitigate issues with grease and food buildup. Call for trenchless sewer repair in Newton, MA if the clog in your pipe has completely blocked your system.

Invasive Tree Roots

Tree roots can get into sewer lines through even the smallest of cracks. Commercial sewer pipes can be affected if they are older and on property with trees that have large root systems. In some instances, trenchless pipe lining in Newton, MA can restore commercial sewer lines affected by tree root damage. This isn't an entirely preventable problem, but being mindful of the location of trees in relation to sewer lines is one way to minimize this issue. Sewer camera inspections can help determine where the tree roots are in your plumbing system.

Foreign Objects

Bathroom drains and sanitary sewer lines in commercial buildings can become clogged if employees flush things that shouldn't be flushed. Common culprits include female hygiene products, cigarettes, and paper towels. One way to minimize this issue is by posting signs in publicly accessible and employee restrooms. 

Commercial sewer lines may also be affected by age, general wear, and ground shifts. If your sewer system is old and prone to issues, it may be best to invest in trenchless sewer replacement in Newton, MA. Regardless of what's going on with your commercial sewer pipes, New England Pipe Restoration is ready to help.

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