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Breaking Down The Pros and Cons of Trenchless Pipe Repair

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Trenchless technology is relatively new in the world of pipe repair. In fact, a full 78% of those surveyed on Angie’s List hadn’t heard of this no-dig method. As more people learn about this state-of-the-art technology and how it can be a great alternative to traditional pipe replacement, they are more apt to try it. Still, there are the people who are unsure of how trenchless repair stacks up to more traditional methods. We compared the pros and cons of trenchless pipe repair so you don’t have to!


Less Digging**One of the main advantages to trenchless pipe repair or replacement is the no-dig approach. Since most of the work is done underground, pipe repair specialists have no need to tear up your lawn to get the job done. You can save your sewer lines without sacrificing your landscape.

Faster than Traditional Methods**Because traditional methods require digging and replacing of old pipe lines, the entire process typically takes much longer than trenchless methods. You have to account for the dig time, plus the repair time, plus the time it takes to close everything back up. Trenchless pipe repair is unobtrusive and can be completed in as little as a day with no inconvenience to you.


A Bit More Expensive Than Traditional Repair Options**Although trenchless sewer repair options can cost on average 30% more than conventional digging, you are still saving money in the long run. Since trenchless repair requires little to no digging, you are not spending the thousands of dollars in restorative work to fix your landscaping or lawn design that the dig-method tore up.

Some Pipes Might be Too Far Gone**In some rare instances, there are some pipe replacement jobs that are just too big for trenchless repair or pipe relining to fix. The line can be so incredibly broken that the only option is to dig to get to the root of the massive problem. This often happens to old sewer systems; if yours is over 40 years old, it may need replacing.You can avoid this from happening by employing trenchless technology to repair the cracks, erosion, or root damage in your pipes before it is too late! Don’t wait for a big problem to occur until you make a repair.

Call us today to see how these pros outweigh the cons, and how our sewer and pipe repair experts can help your system run seamlessly and efficiently with trenchless technology.

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