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When are the Best Times to Have a Sewer Camera Inspection?

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Frequent backups and clogs often mean there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. It is not easy to tell when a sewer needs to be repaired or replaced entirely. Sewer camera inspections should be conducted by any reputable company before making this decision and giving a quote. We never want to charge you for anything you do not need and we do not want to have to cause any inconvenience or damage, especially if it is unnecessary. We value you, your time, and your money and want to make sure we fix it correctly from the very beginning. If you are noticing any issues with your pipes, you should schedule a sewer camera inspection today.

It can also be beneficial to get a sewer camera inspection before buying a home. These inspections can be completed to determine if there are any underlying issues that would otherwise not show up for a few months. If left without a solution, these issues could end up being very inconvenient, expensive, and might possibly end in a sewage disaster. Especially if it is a building more than forty years old, you should have the pipes checked before buying.

Clogged pipes occur for any number of reasons. For every problem, we have a customized solution to solve it. We want to find exactly what is wrong so we can bring you the most efficient solution. Sewer camera inspections allow our professionals to see what is happening inside your pipe through a live stream. First, we will create an access point to the sewer line. It will be about three feet in diameter. We will then send a fiber optic cable with a camera through the hole. Closed circuit television (CCTV) are mounted onto crawlers that are taken through the pipes. Images will then be transmitted to the monitor on the outside of the sewer line in real time so our specialists can easily see what is going on. If you end up needing your pipes cleaned, we will use the same access point so you do not need to worry about any extra landscaping damage. With modern technology, we are prepared for any problem and hope to bring you the most convenient solution possible. Some cameras include a pan and tilt to inspect your pipes, fisheye lenses get a 180 degree view of the pipe, and laser systems can measure a pipe’s profile. If your pipe is flooded, we can use sonar to see what is happening, and needless to say, we will be prepared for anything. This inspection shows our technicians where any possible damages or leaks are so they may determine what the best way to handle it is.

This video inspection will likely determine whether you need trenchless pipe lining or the traditional dig and replace method. The difference is thousands of dollars and weeks of inconvenience so it is an important distinction. We specialize in trenchless pipe lining and believe it is the best solution, so we hope to be able to better serve you through this no-dig, inexpensive, and convenient method. We hope to bring you the most hassle-free experience possible, and through a sewer camera inspection, your life and sewage solutions can be made as easy as possible.

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