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Bangor Sewer Inspection: When Sewer Inspection is the Way to Go!

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There are many tell-tale signs of an unhealthy sewer and drain system. If you are not proactive, these seemingly minor inconveniences can quickly escalate to a full-blown disaster. Catching the sewer problems early is vital. If water is not draining properly through one of your fixtures or backing up, it is time to get serious.

Hundreds of property owners here in the beautiful city of Bangor successfully prevented a sewage disaster by getting an inspection done. A sewage inspection is crucial to determine what is the exact problem with your sewer and drain plumbing. It reveals the degree and extent of the problem so that your plumber can devise a solution.

Why do you need a sewage inspection?

Getting a sewage inspection at least once a year is a good practice for a property owner. Most of the modern properties have their drain pipes hidden behind walls and under the floor. If these pipes are damaged or blocked, water could seep into the walls damaging them. If you don’t perform a regular sewage inspection, this can go unnoticed until it culminates into a disaster.

A quick sewer inspection can help property owners review the health of their sewer system and take actions to prevent any damage. Once you get the results from the inspection, your plumbing technician can help you come up with a plan to tackle any issues. Sewer inspection is the way to go if you don’t want any sewage disasters.

How is sewage inspection done?

Plumbing technology has come a long way in the last decade or so. There are several high-tech gadgets at the disposal of a plumbing tech. One of the best gadgets is a waterproof, high-resolution camera, that can be used to monitor the insides of drain pipes.

The drain and sewer pipes run all around your house. It can be incredibly difficult to find the damage without tearing up the walls. However, with a unique camera tool mounted on a drain snake, a plumber can see what’s inside the pipes in real-time!

The inspection is done by pushing the camera mounted on a drain snake through a drain pipe. As the camera travels the length of the pipe, the plumbing technician can see the images using a monitor. After careful examination of the pipes, the plumber can make his/her recommendations on the health of the drainage system.

This type of video pipe inspection can detect several flaws in the drainage system including damages pipes and blockages. The inspection can be done for the entire network of your drainage system and can give you valuable information.

How frequently should a drainage inspection be done?

If you are seeing problems with your drainage system including slow water drainage or back up, you should go for an inspection right away. Even in the absence of any apparent problems, we recommend our customers to get an inspection done every year. Doing the inspection frequently will help you to identify any potential problems. You can fix these issues before they lead to a major repair work.

Maintaining a good sewer and drain system is crucial for the proper maintenance of your property. An investment in drainage inspection can save you a ton of money in the long run!

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