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Are Trenchless Repairs Long-Lasting?

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When you opt for trenchless pipe repair in Arlington, MA from New England Pipe Restoration, you'll be making a smart investment. But will the results be long-lasting? If this is something you would like to know before exploring our trenchless services, keep reading to discover the many benefits that go along with trenchless repairs.

Trenchless Repair Gives You a 'Like New' Pipe

In trenchless pipe lining, the existing pipe is spared and a "new" pipe is created within the pipe. This is done with the application of an epoxy resin coating. When this material solidifies, the pipe will be highly durable and free of flaws – and ready to serve you well for many years.

Why It Can Be a Long-Lasting Solution

Trenchless pipe repair involves the application of a resin material. It's a long-lasting solution since the coating hardens in a way that covers cracks, fractures, weak joints, and other structural flaws. Also, the newly coated pipe will once again be able to support full capacity, which further reduces stress and pressure. What's more, the restored pipe will be less susceptible to tree root damage and other common pipe damage culprits.

Trenchless Replacement Can Be Equally Long-Lasting

If trenchless sewer repair isn't possible because of a lack of stability, pipe bursting may be recommended. With this trenchless approach, a new pipe is inserted as the old one is broken up. It's a trenchless approach that can be equally long-lasting since you'll get an entirely new pipe.

New England Pipe Restoration specializes in a wide range of trenchless pipe replacement and repair solutions in Arlington, MA, and nearby areas. We'll check out your pipes when you reach out to us, discuss your options, and make recommendations just right for your needs and budget.

Contact us today to learn more about trenchless sewer replacement and repair and the full range of trenchless services we offer.

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