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The Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair Solutions in Massachusetts

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Nowadays, with the rise of the new technology, there comes the trenchless repair solutions that enable the repairs of the sewer system without necessarily having to dig up. However, in some rare instances, the excavation method can be the only way, which is usually avoided by all costs as it is usually hectic, takes a lot of time and always leads to the closure of a section of the road or the building.

Trenchless sewer repair has been in use over the recent past and has now spread to many regions and towns. Massachusetts is one of the towns that has continued to enjoy the benefits of the new  technology used in the trenchless repair method.

Some of the advantages that have been recognized include:

Saves on time

The trenchless sewer repair only takes three steps to get the job done. First of all, a camera is used to detect where the problem has occurred. The video is then used to figure out the best method of solving then condition.

After that, the nearest point to the surface, called the access point, is used for doing the repair to the broken part. After that, the last stage is usually doing the last inspection to make sure that everything is okay and that the repair was a success. This method is usually very fast and efficient and can take only a span of hours, which is much better compared to the traditional excavation method that usually took many weeks.

It is cost effective

The sewer trenchless method saves on money. The costs incurred are less, this is due to the fact that excavation is usually avoided at all costs and therefore, no property is destroyed, meaning there is no replacements. Money is only spent on the new pipes and conduits; hence this leads to saving up of resources.

It is a cleaner method

Since there is no digging up, no mess is left behind. It is therefore a cleaner method compared to the excavation one.

No down time costs

Once the pipes have been lined, you do not need to pay long term labor costs as the relined pipes to not get spoilt very easily. Therefore, it is a very cost effective method that gives service for a longer time.

It is not disruptive

Usually, with the old traditional method of digging up, it usually led to the closure of some section of roads or building. However, with the trenchless method, no disruption can occur at the roads or buildings.

It can be done on any type of pipe

This method is very efficient and is applicable to almost all types of pipes of any diameter. Also, the materials used is not a hindrance to the trenchless sewer repair method.

Better service

The relining of the pipes will give service for a lifetime. This is because the materials used are very durable and resilient to the agents of wear and tear. Also, the lining materials have been approved by EPA and NSF.It is therefore a good investment that is a value for your money.

Sewer problems always result due to a number of reasons, which might be damage due to the growth of roots that interfere with the pipes underground or simply pipes may wear out due to old age and wearing out. With the trenches option, what is usually done is that new piping is laid inside the old damaged one, which is even more durable and resilient. In addition to that, the clients always enjoy a warranty of 50 years which means that the quality and service is very high.

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