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A Few Facts on Formadrain

drain cleaning in Newton, MA

If you’ve ever had to deal with a nasty clogged drain, you may already have imagined how a team of technicians would haphazardly tear apart your yard. This obviously isn’t an enticing prospect and could make you want to put off having the necessary repairs. Who would want to go through the trouble of redoing one’s yard? Luckily, there’s a simple solution that doesn’t need excavation: Formadrain.

Whenever you need drain cleaning in Arlington, MA, Formadrain is the perfect solution! Experts at New England Pipe Restoration regularly use it to make sure sewer systems get repaired precisely and professionally without the need for any messy or expensive excavation work. 

Here’s everything you should know about Formadrain:

What’s Formadrain?

Formadrain is a pipe lining material made of epoxy and fiberglass. It’s a customized drain repair system that can deal with all types of underground pipes without digging up your yard. As the area’s leading drain cleaning company, we rely on Formadrain to address drain issues.

How Does the Repair Process Work?

For Formadrain to function correctly, we first perform drain snaking to clean the pipe. We do this to eliminate anything that can prevent the liner from getting pushed or pulled into place.

Formadrain technology lets us complete the repair process within 24 hours, leaving your pipes ready for immediate use. Before beginning the pipe lining process, we first perform hydro jetting to remove the previous coating materials and accumulated debris. Then, we create two access points to allow our experts to access both ends of the damaged drainpipe. The Formadrain liner then gets inserted into the pipe using high-pressure, overheated steam. The liner cures in place, giving you a new line inside the previous one!

We can use it to repair:

  • Cracked, broken, or split joints
  • Leaky or poorly installed joints
  • Leakage issues resulting from corrosion, aging, etc.
  • Blocks tree roots from invading your plumbing

Call New England Pipe Restoration for professional drain cleaning services in all our service areas. We have the necessary experience to handle all your drain needs.

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