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6 Problems You Can Prevent With drain inspection in Waltham, MA.

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If you live in Waltham, MA then chances are you have come across companies that offer drain inspection and repair services. This is because Waltham is a modern city with many residential and commercial buildings, so cases of drain problems are rampant. But it is important to always address a drain problem at its early stages. Here is a look at 6 problems you can prevent with drain inspection in Waltham, MA.

1. Slow drain

You can actually detect and prevent a slow drain before it happens through drain inspection. Well a slow drain in some cases may not seem like a big issue. Most people think it’s okay as long as the water still flows. There are a variety of problems a slow drain will indicate like a pipe that has a grease build-up or oil blocking the path. These are problems that will only be detected if the drain undergoes an inspection.

2. Recurring clogs

You may have experienced this problem so many times—you clean a clog but it backs up again. When you have this problem, it means your drain has a fault that needs to be repaired. There are multiple causes of a clogged drain including food, hair, grime, oil and other debris that have accumulated over time. An inspection will not only check the problem on the surface, but will also go down the line to establish the source of this recurring clogs.

3. Multiple clogs

When your toilet overflows or your sink backs up then you should be prepared for a deeper problem. Instead of using a plunger or off the shelf products why don’t you call an expert to conduct and inspection and establish the main cause of the problem. Multiple clogs are normally as a result of a problem that lies deep in the pipes which affects the functionality of your home.

4. Odor

Sometimes you will notice a distinct funny smell coming from your drain. If the odor stands for a long period of time, it means you need to inspect your drain as this may be a sign of a larger problem. In such cases, pollutants build up, break down and deteriorate and this is what causes the odor. A broken pipe may also be the problem. But to be on the safe side, it is advisable that an inspection is done to stop this problem from escalating.

5. Flooding

The most common and serious problem that occurs in the plumbing system is flooding. A clog in the sewer line could be the reason why water is coming up out of drains in your basement floor. An inspection will detect any problem in the sewer line and remove the clog before it builds up. Remember sewer water means contamination. So when the problem is not solved at its early stage then you may lose your personal property.

6. Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are common in Waltham, MA especially during the cold season. However, this problem can also be experienced in warmer seasons where pipes are not insulated against the cold. Inspecting your home for cold pipes can save you from cases of bursting pipes.

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