Large Diameter Main Line Repair Watertown MASS

If you are in the Watertown, Massachusetts area and need to have your main line repaired, New England Pipe Restoration has the solution for you! Our quality work requires less time, less digging, and is more cost-effective than traditional methods. Cracks or leaks in large diameter main lines can cause significant problems, like high water bills and damage to your home. Signs of damage to the main line can include water back up in your sink or toilet, or clogs in drains that you don’t frequently use.

Based on the size and diameter of the main line, there are different options. Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining can be used for pipes with a diameter up to 60 inches. Pipe bursting is also an option but is generally used on smaller pipes measuring up to 30 inches. Both of these options are trenchless, meaning little digging is required and less of a headache for you. Despite the difference sizes, both procedures begin with a video pipe inspection to check for blockages, leaks, or other damages.

Our CIPP process is quick and easy. We begin with video inspection and insert our cameras into a small hole that connects to the pipe. After finding the damage or blockages, we are able to clean the pipe and prepare it for the lining. This new pipe is made up of Perma-Liner and once it hardens, it will act like a pipe within a pipe. The Perma-Liner is inserted on a tube and then a bladder inflates to force it against the walls of the original pipe. This helps the Perma-Liner to cure in the shape of the pipe without decreasing its diameter. Within a few hours, the new pipe is solid and functional.

The pipe bursting method is slightly different, but still effective. The new pipe isn’t made from resin and doesn’t need time to cure. At the head of the new pipe is a cone-shaped bursting head. It is slightly larger than the original pipe, so when it’s inserted, it expands and breaks the old pipe, while pulling the new one through to replace it. There several different bursting methods that are specifically used for different soil types, depth, and for the materials of the pipe to ensure the best outcome.

Both of the processes require less time than the traditional methods of digging up the pipe, and less effort and worry for you. All we need is roughly a day and you will have your life back on track, no need to shut the water off for days at a time, or to renovate your home from the damage of digging. It is quick, cost-effective, and offers long-term solutions.

If you have questions about which method will work for you, please give us a call to speak with a technician who can advise you on the best method choice for your needs. If you feel our pipe bursting or CIPP methods are already a good fit for you, our team at New England Pipe Restoration would be happy to make an appointment with you.