Large Diameter Main Line Repair Harvard University

Breaks or leaks in main line pipes can cause a terrible amount of damage, from property damage to soggy basements. But New England Pipe Restoration offers services to the students and faculty of Harvard University, from preventative care to completely replacing the main line pipe. Our methods are quick, affordable, and trenchless. Because we don’t need to dig up large areas of property or landscaping or the floorboards and walls, we can complete our jobs faster and with less inconvenience to you.

One of our methods for repairing large diameter main lines is pipe bursting. This process completely replaces the old, damaged pipe. First, we inspect the pipe with our video inspection equipment. We can find what the problem is and the size of it without having to dig up the pipe and see it in person. After this, we prepare to burst the pipe. The new pipe is connected to a cone-shaped bursting head. This is then hooked to cables or a hydraulic system. As the new pipe is pulled through the old pipe, the cone-head splits and breaks the pipe because it is slightly wider than the original diameter. Once in place, the bursting head is removed and the new pipe is connected to the rest of the pipe system.

However, if the main line is larger than 30 inches, our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining will probably be a better fit. Our CIPP liners are capable of fitting in pipelines of varying diameters, allowing it to be flexible and applicable in a number of situations. We begin with a careful inspection of the pipelines in search of the problem, and once it is found, we will clean the pipe to remove substances and ensure that the water flow will not be decreased. The cleaning also gives our Perma-Liner a better substance to hold onto. The Perma-Liner is applied to a flexible tube, which is inserted in the pipe. The bladder inside the tube is inflated to keep the lining substance against the pipe wall. Within a few hours, the Perma-Liner is cured and becomes the new pipe. There is no need to remove the original pipe. We do a final inspection to make sure that the installation went smoothly, and our job is completed.

Repairing and replacing your pipes before they break can save you a tremendous amount of money and stress. A burst pipe, let alone a burst main line, can destroy a great deal of property. And to fix that pipe, the traditional method was to dig up the affected area, without a great deal of knowledge concerning the location of the problem. There can be an unnecessary amount of digging until it is found, and may need to be done inside dorms or buildings.

Our trenchless options can prevent this whole mess. It even has long-term benefits, like a smoother and more efficient water flow. This makes our options more cost effective for you, but also removes the stress of waiting for days before you could turn your water back on. If you’d like to schedule an inspection or discuss which trenchless method would work best, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.