Cambridge MA Sewer Inspection

A Cambridge MA sewer inspection is the number one prerequisite to any work being carried out on your sewer line. It allows an operator to easily and quickly identify and all problems, or potential problems, in your sewer line. An inspection uses a specialized waterproof camera to visually observe the state of your pipes and connections and find only the exact areas that need to be worked on, saving you both time and money. The video obtained from a camera inspection can also be stored and used as a reference when planning future sewer renovations, repairs or excavations.

Video Inspection

The specialized cameras that are used to carry out inspections of your sewer line come in various sizes, each suited to varying diameters of pipes. The camera, attached to a flexible cable, is fed through your sewer system, relaying real-time video of the inside of your pipes. Cracks, leaks, blockages and all other forms of deterioration and degradation can be detected within minutes. No professional will carry out any sewer maintenance without a comprehensive inspection being performed first. A video-based inspection will reveal the exact area that needs to be worked on, as well as helping to determine exactly which techniques are available to use as a means to resolve your sewer line issues.

Preventative and Diagnostic Technique

Sewer inspection using a camera is an excellent method to prevent major damage from occurring, and an accurate way of determining the root cause of any problems in your sewers. Anyone that is considering the purchase or extended lease of a property should first have the sewer line of the home inspected to catch any current or potential problems with it. By knowing the condition of the sewer line before you commit financially to any purchase, you can prevent a lot of trouble from occurring in the future. You can also catch any potential problems with your current sewer. To arrange a Cambridge MA sewer inspection contact New England Pipe Restoration at 866-553-9182.