Brush Coating Watertown MASS

At New England Pipe Restoration, our pipe brushing is a cost effective and quick way to maintain the integrity of your water or sewage pipes, while adding years to their lifespan. It is a quick, easy way to potentially avoid sewer pipe damage and repair. This coating provides resistance to corrosion, added durability, and is damp-proof as well. Signs that your pipe may be corroding and require attention are rust flakes in your water, dimpled or pitted pipes, water discoloration, and constant water leaks, and our pipe brushing techniques are capable of addressing these issues quickly.

The pipe brushing process is less expensive and involves less labor and property damage. This approach to treating pipes is trenchless, meaning little to no digging is required. With Watertown’s cold winters, having this coating is a perfect preventative measure against leaks and pipe bursts as a result of the freezing temperatures. Pipe brushing can be employed to prevent serious water damage, and by increasing the flow of wastewater, energy costs are reduced. Pipe brushing is a very flexible tool for pipeline repairs, renewing the pipelines without needing to dig intrusive trenches across your property to expose the pipes. This can also increase the lifespan of the pipe, which can help you avoid spending more money on leaking or faulty pipes. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can coat small areas or the entire pipe. This trenchless process can be done in as little as a day and with a single crew, so residents with busy careers don’t have to feel inconvenienced or ask for additional time off to address the repair.

The process begins with our video inspection. By placing a fiber optic cable and a camera within the desired pipe, we are able to look for leaks, blocks, or other damage. The images are sent real-time to a transmitter outside the pipe, which provides the technician with immediate feedback on the condition of the pipe.

Following the inspection, the pipe needs to be cleaned to remove buildup and corrosion, and to provide a rough substance for the resin to adhere. Brushes are then carefully selected for the right diameter of pipe and for the amount of resin needed. Our coating equipment is able to pump the resin through hoses into the far end of the pipe. Rotating bushes then are able to apply the resin smoothly to the interior of the pip as the progresses from one side to the other, and cameras are utilized to supervise the internal work. Once finished, the new lining can withstand degrees roughly from -40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. During the Watertown’s average winter temperature of 22 degrees Fahrenheit and the summer temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit, your pipes should be able to function properly, even with odd weather spikes.

If you suspect you may have pipeline corrosion or want to schedule an inspection, please give us a call right away at 866-553-9182. It is our pleasure at New England Pipe Restoration to take care of your pipeline needs!